About Garson Lanes

Garson Lanes is an 8-lane bowling center located at 9831 State Route 164, just north of Amsterdam, OH. We offer leagues every day of the week except Thursday and Friday. We offer open bowling on Friday and Saturday evenings and during any league time when not all lanes are being used. The center can be reserved for parties or other private events.


In the summer of 2010, we began the massive project of renovating the entire center. The old lanes have been replaced with used wooden lanes that were removed from the recently closed Salineville Lanes. Both lanes and approaches are still wood. The masking units have also been replaced, as have the seating, the ball lifts/racks, and the pinsetters. The automatic scoring system has been replaced with a much newer system that shows ball speed and instant replay. The 45 rpm jukebox has been replaced with a CD jukebox. The women's bathroom has been completely remodeled, with new paint, new toilets, new mirror, new vanity, and ceramic tile flooring.

More Fun for Families

One of the biggest changes made was the installation of automatic bumper gutters on all 8 lanes. Families of adults and children can now bowl together on the same lane, with the computer scoring system automatically raising the bumpers for children (if desired) and lowering the bumpers for adults. The new bumpers have also made it possible for us to offer a bumper league, allowing children ages 3 to 8 to get involved in a bowling league without the frustration of throwing gutter ball after gutter ball. We have also added cosmic bowling to our offerings.

Still Working

While we have done a lot of work and made many changes and improvements, there is still much that we have to complete and more changes that we would like to make. For example, while much of the painting has been completed, there are still areas that are only partially completed and some that have not been started. While the women's room has been completely renovated, the men's room is only partly painted, with no other changes having been made yet. We have yet to replace the carpet. And the bowling counter and the area behind it still need a lot of work. However, we work on these things and others regularly, and more and more of these things will be completed as time passes. If you are looking for a place to have a good time and for machines that run well and don't break down all the time, we've got it.