Garson Lanes is available for private parties. When you book your party at Garson, you are getting the entire place to yourselves. All 8 lanes are available for your use. The building is closed to the public. Our automatic bumpers are available at no extra cost on all 8 lanes. Cosmic bowling can now be added to your party, though at an additional cost.

Why Have Your Party at Garson?

One parent who recently had their first party at Garson said that it was the easiest party she had ever done and that instead of worrying about all the details and arrangements (cleaning the house, decorating, etc.), her day leading up to the party was quite relaxed. Kids will have a definite entertainment source for 2 hours, and you won’t need to supervise them the way you might with a party at your home.

In addition, parties at Garson are extremely affordable. The average cost for the bowling portion of the party (not including food, cake, or any decorations you might purchase) is typically about $6.75 per bowler, and there is no cost for additional people who attend the party but who do not bowl.

We have several groups and families who return every year to have their meetings or parties at Garson. Because it is fun, because it is easy, and because it is affordable! Try Garson for your next party, and you will see why others keep making this choice.

Some Rules

You are allowed to bring in your own cake and ice cream, beverages, chips, salads, pastas, soups. However, you are not allowed to bring in pizza, whether made at home or purchased elsewhere. We make our own pizza fresh on-site for sale. Pizzas are 16” round. Cost is $11 for cheese and $12 for pepperoni, plus tax. Pizza needs to be ordered at least one day in advance of your party. You may show up to prepare/decorate up to 30 minutes in advance of your party’s start time.


Parties are usually scheduled for 2 hours, though they can be longer.


If you have a date and time in mind for your party, you can check whether Garson is available at that time by viewing our calendar.


The cost for a party at Garson is the greater of $135 or the actual cost of bowling (at the regular open bowling rates of $2.80 per game per person and $1.25 per person for shoes). That means the least you can pay to have a party at Garson is $135. This is for a 2-hour party. For each additional hour, add $65.00.

Cosmic bowling can be added for $35 for the first hour. For parties where a second hour of cosmic bowling would be appropriate, the second hour of cosmic would be $15. (For birthday parties, cosmic bowling would not be appropriate for the second hour, when there will be eating, cake cutting, and present opening.)

See the image below for some example cost scenarios. Note that you can specify a maximum amount that you want to spend on bowling, and the machines can be turned off when your guests have reached that amount.
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